Email Marketing

A marketing method with the highest cost-effectiveness (ROI)

Match the characteristics of media and tools

Now the brand is made on the web. Compared to media such as magazines, newspapers, and billboards, the Web provides content that is much more suited to consumer needs. In other words, the web is the only company that can develop its brand identity in any industry.
The most important item in digital marketing measures is nothing but “content”, but depending on the type of media, the measures need to be changed. And to succeed, abundant skills, experience and knowledge are required.

Email marketing

“E-mail” will continue to be the most cost-effective (ROI) marketing method. In 2020, there are forecasts that 70% of consumers will receive notifications and deals via email. If you are trying to communicate your product or service via email, it ’s important to have a clear, easy-to-understand, high-impact message.

email magazine

Focus on e-mail magazine content to gain new customers and increase sales. It is important to organize the content in an easy-to-understand manner, and make it easy to reach the purpose with call to action (CTA) buttons. The three keywords that are essential to the success of e-mail magazine T are “information”, “creative”, and “edition”.


“Blog” is another important web marketing technique. The traffic to your blog should increase your brand exposure and sales opportunities. A good blog is an original and interesting content that is composed of multiple stages into a single story, no matter what the business.


Facebook needs to lead to conversation and sharing. Posting must be persistent: posting unrelated content on an irregular basis can be counterproductive. A good Facebook post requires questions, action requests, images, links, videos, and emotion elements.


What is good about tweeting?
It ’s simple, friendly and personal.
Send a message that will allow your followers to resonate with the comments.
It is even better to include links, hashtags, reply tweets, and questions.


Needless to say, Instagram is the most active social network in recent years. Although it is easy to enter, it is a channel that requires time and effort to get attention. The key to Instagram success is conciseness, the use of related hash tags, and the definition of context and geographic tags.


It is assumed that Pinterest understands visitors and followers. You need a friendly, well-documented message and a subject line and prominent call-to-action (CTA button).


LinkedIn sends out professionalism, but it publishes messages, topics suitable for work or career, links, etc., not a place to show everyday trivial events.


The basis of brand identity is “website”.
It is important that the details are clear, easy to search based on visitors, attractive design and optimized for smartphones.

Key to success Email Marketing

The use of social media is indispensable for communication with young people. However, email marketing is still very important, but how can companies get results quickly?
Let's be aware of the following four steps that are mobile-conscious.

highly-designed email

If it is a text-only mail manuscript, it will be buried in the mailbox. Create creative email content in a short time in a short time from a well-designed HTML editor.


Of course, mobile content is a priority in terms of Internet traffic, but email content that is easy to read on PC viewers, tablets and other smart devices is ideal.

Avoid spam verdict

Depending on the mail delivery environment, there are many cases where customer mailers handle spam mails. Email software should also select products that have algorithms that avoid spam detection.

PDCA from post-delivery analysis

How many companies are able to focus on and analyze the arrival rate and opening rate after e-mail magazine issuance? E-mail magazines that lead to better results cannot be written with easy-to-use analytical tools.

More powerful engagement SMS

SMS has an opening rate of over 90% regardless of the content of services and promotions. Information can be communicated at any time. There are various uses such as sale guidance, reservation confirmation, reception confirmation, shipping status of purchased products, promotion of new apps, event guidance, etc. It is also important to set a clear CTA (call to action) such as accessing the store and answering questionnaires.

 ● Approach the recipient with a friendly tone.
 ● Since the number of characters (70 characters in Japanese) is limited, let's clarify who is the sender.
 ● Distribute high-profile content to promote opening.
 ● Make a simple and clear message without adding too much information.

Email builder that leads to results

Timely mail creation, PC / smartphone multi-device support, spam mail avoidance algorithm, delivery completion speed selection, cost reduction, arrival, open response analysis, customer list management, API linkage with CMS, CRM, ERP system , Global delivery of high-quality SMS, LP creation, AB test, etc.

MailUp is the recommended mail builder that combines these.

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