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Create highly specialized digital marketing reports

IAI Digital Report

The latest digital reports are indispensable for the media business.
However, the current situation is that one company alone can not keep up with writer resources and data preparation.

On behalf of your company, IAI creates and delivers the necessary digital market reports in various delivery formats.
Please consider customers who regularly publish reports for their customers, such as blogs.

Case Studies

Company specialized in blog

Deliver special reports each time focusing on specific topics and categories. Customized reports for blog customers

IT Media Company

Reports on sales data of overseas IT products, ranking of MA tools, and growing companies. Through regular report delivery, it has gained support from a certain level of IT marketers.

App Information

Acting on data and report creation in ranking format, focusing on sales and downloads of apps in Japan and around the world. Use as an outsourcing destination for all articles.

Different from the article creation service

An increasing number of companies are seeking to enhance content to enhance their ability to attract customers. On the other hand, the number of companies that mass-produce high-volume content articles at a low price is increasing, so there is an aspect where the quality of content is questioned. IAI has made a distinction from such companies, and has been creating highly specialized reports backed by data that others cannot have. IAI conducts high-quality reporting work according to various media characteristics, including not only digital market reports but also concept planning and marketing strategies.

IAI strong against overseas reports

The digital port can be designed and delivered both domestically and internationally, but is particularly good at insight reports based on IT trends overseas.
He has extensive experience writing in media such as mobile white papers and game white papers. As for the characteristics of each country, tools that use email in Italy, tools that use push notifications using the location information of smartphone apps in France, and tools that use data in Germany are developing. Israel is also developing services related to apps in general in ICT technology, with excellent data compression and encryption technology, and recognition technology for characters and images in the background.
Please feel free to contact us for customized reports for each region.

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