Global Data

Global data that IAI can handle (* Excerpts)

Online audience rating data

* Over Major 30 Countries, Monthly data other than advertising data

audience analysis

● UU, PV, spending time, number of visits, inflow / outflow sites (monthly trend data)
● User profile and demographic data
● Duplication, behavioral interest axis data, etc.

segment analysis

● Rankings can be extracted on the interest axis.
● Check the positioning of your site in the target user segment
● Identify media and competing sites that can effectively reach specific user segments.


● Ideal for campaign cost simulation
● Understand the estimated reach and frequency from the purchase price of the media scheduled for publication.
● How much online population can you reach if you are seconded to this medium?

mobile analysis

● Mobile market user trend information uses data from 7 major countries' Mobilens.
● Smartphone audience rating data can be provided in six major countries around the world and 19 countries using census data with measurement tags in the site.

video audience analysis

● Video (content & advertisement) audience rating data can be easily extracted using Video Metrix.
● Extensive video viewing data from 28 countries can be extracted by demographic (monthly data)

cross visit

● Report user behavior trends from the refferal  site and the outbound site.
● Calculate the number of duplicate visitors between two entities and the duplication rate.

Ad campaign measurement

● Use vCE (Validated Campaign Essentials) to improve the advertising effectiveness of the campaign.


Exclusively provide personal multi-device usage data that cannot be retrieved by competitors.

App Market data

App market & user usage data. Available in 54 countries, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly

Number of app downloads

● Covers app ranking data for all categories in 54 countries (Apple App Store, Google Play)
● Click on the app name or publisher name to access the app details.
● Ranking display of up to 500 ranks is possible.

revenue of app

● Understand at a glance the app sales amount, which country's revenue is the top, and the rate of change from the previous period.
● App user usage such as MAU, DAU, retention rate.

retention rate

● Daily, weekly and monthly unit retention analysis
● Analysis of engaged users.


● Search over 1.5 million keywords from both Apple App Store and Google Play stores.
● Acquire and offer suggest keywords from competing and highly relevant apps.


● Measure app performance from DAU, MAU, ARPDAU (Daily Active User Average Billing).
● Set market screen based on MAU and retention threshold.

Sales lead&Technology data

* Sales lead & technology tracking data. Updated every 24 hours in 250 countries

35 million domains

Alexa's top 1 million, domain analysis using the past 5 years of experience. The Japanese market is also covered.

it tools more than 9000 over

Daily trend analysis of 9000 major ICT products. ICT tool usage data that updates company information every day.

3 million mobile apps

Analyzes 3 million Android apps. Analysis of 900 major SDKs.

Information that the tools

You can search not only company information but also website information and introduction / deletion technology data. Information on the brand, brand switch and date of adoption.


Inflow keywords to company sites, search terms, etc.

predict models

Modeling highly correlated attributes such as ICT environment, usage technology, and number of employees that are updated daily.

In addition to the listed data, have a wealth of data that can be provided. Please feel free to contact us.

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