Research / Survey

Provide flexible surveys according to customer needs

Abundant support for general research as well as IT specialization and Internet business

Quantitative research

Compatible with various quantitative surveys

Visit survey, Mail survey, Central location test (CLT), Telephone survey (CATI), Internet survey, Mobile phone survey

Qualitative research

Qualitative survey conducted from group interview / depth interview

 ● User survey: cognition, acceptance, awareness, preferences
 ● New business / new business idea evaluation
 ● Evaluation of existing business
 ● Distribution channel survey Existing store sales
 ● Sales strategy, sales strategy planning
 ● Product development, service development, product development
 ● Company (company, product, service) competition
 ● Branding

Store / brand survey

Quantitative surveys to investigate consumer purchasing trends and awareness

● Investigating purchase intention of EC site
● Comprehensive investigation of target users' brand thinking, purchase location, purchase frequency, etc.
● Analysis of your brand's strengths, weaknesses and relative positioning

* * Case Study: Music Store Omnichannel Report

Competitive website survey

Website positioning analysis using net audience rating data

● Check the company's position in the overall Internet market, changes in Internet user behavior, popular service brands, and market trends including competition, and analyze direction
● Monthly Internet population, usage frequency, stay time, page views, etc. Unique users, total page views, number of page views per person, average stay time, average visit count Demographic comparison of items, etc.

* Case study: Communications carrier competition trend report

Research for Mobile App

App marketing survey using global app market data

● Overseas market analysis of apps
● App Japanese Market Analysis
● Application category analysis
● Number of downloads / competition analysis
● App New Business Evaluation

* Case study: Music company competition report

Sales information Company survey

Reporting on the implementation status of cloud services and software

● Investigate and list competing service / software companies
● Investigate and list competing service / software removal companies
● Competitive Service / Software Monthly Update Domain List
● Companies that are likely to become their customers in the future
● Companies that are likely to introduce their products in the future
● Companies that are promising to switch from competing products to their own products

Global survey

Provide individual market evaluation services for overseas and Japanese markets

● Business plan planning
● Competition / positioning analysis
● Market entry strategy
● Marketing Planning

* Case study: Foreign apparel company survey report
      :Wi-Fi service Japanese market entry plan

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