Culturalization that contributes to increased sales of content

Culturalization that contributes to increased sales of content

As represented by Game products, translated Digital contents truly need to be not just technically correct, but engaging and culturally relevant. And the key to success is Culturalization, which is more complex and involved than localization – transcreation just like the original.

We have an alliance with The Mustard Corporation, a UK game/entertainment scenario creation company, and can help Japanese entertainment contents culturalized, reflecting the freshness, emotion and cultural appeal.

Effective for reducing translation costs

Implementing “culturalization” in the localization process can sell digital content that matches the overseas market, and at the same time can be expected to reduce localization costs.
Usually, localization starts with translating Japanese into English, but the frequent occurrence of this is unnecessary Japanese translation. Since English always requires clear and short expressions, “culturalization” cuts off unnecessary Japanese that cannot be understood by Westerners in this process.
As a result, a clearer and smaller amount of English can be prepared, so that subsequent translation into other languages can proceed smoothly and at low cost.

One-stop service

IAI has partnered with an overseas “culturalization” company to provide this service for the first time in Japan.
We believe that adding this culture to localization will become an important factor in the future sales of Japanese digital content in overseas markets.

The work of “culturalization” is not only to “cultivate” already completed digital content in Japan, but also to engage European and American creators from the initial stage of content development and truly succeed in overseas markets. This includes joint development of Japanese digital content.

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