Entry Support

Deliver and Import the superrior IT technologies to Japan and APAC

We have multiple entry support business models


Support for overseas companies entering the Japanese market

Overseas, mainly US companies support entry into Japan and APAC

● Market research
● Business strategy planning
● Startup support
● Sales marketing support


Alliance and business matching for Japanese companies

Alliance matching between Japanese companies and overseas technology vendors

● Business category survey
● Company candidate analysis
● Alliance negotiations


Established a branch of a promising oversea company

Management entry for companies that maintain cutting-edge and clear competitive advantage
● JV negotiation
● Exclusive sales rights for APACK
● Establishment of branch


partner support,participation

Provide support services for established JV.

● Sales support
● Operation support
● Partner Alliance

Technology license

If you are a Japanese company and want to release advanced IT technology early, the technology license is valid. It is possible to absorb technical know-how earlier than when developing scratches in-house. Please feel free to contact us if you want to investigate overseas leading companies in a specific technical field. We will negotiate alliance negotiations with overseas technology vendors. To date, we have provided license services in many product categories such as App Builder and Multi-Device Optimization Tool.

IAI also has a network with government embassies and institutions in each country, and arranges business meetings for visiting Japanese companies on a regular basis. From this business flow, we understand the IT trends and strengths of each country. Please feel free to consult us about overseas networks other than Europe and America.

Examples of JV establishment in Japan

US video advertising

2013 results.
As a major US video advertising company expands into Japan, it entrusts a series of operations up to the establishment of capital and business alliances with Japanese companies and JV. Support for establishing joint ventures and securing human resources and sales support after establishment.

Social media company

Results for 2016.
Established a Japanese corporation with a major US social media engagement.
Established a capital and business alliance with Japanese companies and a social media utilization branding system for corporate executives specialized in Japan.

UK marketing company

Results for 2019.
The UK app data business, Push notification technology is deployed at APAC. Established a JV corporation based in Tokyo.
Start preparation for early service-in.

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