Optimize global IT tools for Japanese or overseas markets

Staff who understand the IT market trends will support the introduction to each country's market

Understand well IT market

IAI staff who knows about the global IT market and cloud market will support you. We will help you localize your overseas business in the Japanese market.

Marketing Support

Deep understanding of IT market In addition to localization of management consoles and platforms, it is also possible to support landing pages for sales promotion and SEM support as marketing support.

Full Support

Full support after service launch. You can choose only the services you need, such as regular overseas conferences, customer support and reporting.

Some excerpts from the localization experience in Japan



Articles of IT Reviews

Translate over 1000 reviews of global IT products into Japanese. Developed and in charge of translated content for posting on Japanese product introduction websites.


Analytics platform

Responsible for localization of the comprehensive analytics platform. In addition to the management screen platform and support site, manual translation for users is also implemented.


Email Software

In charge of Japanese localization of the most used email delivery software in Italy. Online and offline manuals and catalogs are available.


App Builder Locarise

Localized the platform of a famous US app builder. Fully localized translation from agent management screens to promotional sites, blogs and support sites.


Mobile web builder

Localized mobile tools originated in Scandinavia for Japan. An easy-to-use integrated console screen is available for Japanese partners.


SEM Tool

Orders from companies working on search engine optimization platforms. Report on brand recognition and sales promotion in the Japanese market. SEM, LP, management console optimization, support site translation, etc.


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