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The growth of importance of IT product review market

Whether it is a high-end product or a highly specialized system, the importance of neutral IT reviews posted by actual users when considering product purchases is increasing.The figure below shows the results of a survey of 608 US IT staff in 2017, “What source did you refer to when installing software?” According to this survey, the ranking of resources collected for purchase is as follows.The position of reviews is increasing year by year. In contrast, the source reference to customer feedback provided by vendors is poor.

Informaton Sources Used by Buyers  *Source: TrustRadius Buyer-Vendor Survey, 2017

Product demos


Vendor / product website


Vender sales representative / Presentations


User Reviews


Vendor collateral(e.g. ebooks, case studies, webinars)


Referral from a friend, colleague, peer


Vendor-provided customer referrences


Analyst reports


Global standard user reviews & ratings

Eliminating Fake and Spoofing and Transparency & Fairness are not the only standard user reviews and ratings.
There is also a standard format for user reviews.
In terms of reviews from users, not only good points but also issues, problems, and improvements are heard.

No product is 100% satisfied by consumers and IT software users.
There are various products and services in the market, such as functionality, services, and prices. When making purchase decisions, reviews are important information, but review content that lists only good points is rather skeptical.
World standard user reviews do not include posts where reviewers do not describe the issue.

Preceding world B2C review example

UK ReevooOperate a fair review page that completely eliminates harassment
● Operates review and evaluation pages for sites in 60 countries, 30 languages and more than 200 multinational companies, mainly in Europe.

● Provide a USG system that allows consumers to create content for consumers on their website.

● Resolves traditional reviews and assessment issues such as fake, incentives, distrust of consumers against impersonation and laws and regulations.

● The basic form of a new independent review that will motivate users to purchase is to release only “actually saying” from purchasers, and eliminate fake thoroughly.

Preceding world B2B review example

US TrustRadiusPortal site of IT review spreading in all the countries of the world
● Common to all rating companies (more than 5 US companies) is the elimination of “Fake” and “Impersonation” and transparent and fair reviews.

● Business models such as lead generation, custom report sales, and diversion of evaluations on the publisher's site are similar.

● A large number of models advocated the neutrality of each company, without advertising, and without bias.

● Unlike Japan, many companies focus on quality without selling lead or paid placements.

Support to ''collect reviewers'

IAI replaces technology vendors who use ITreview and provides a service that collects high-quality reviews.

◆ Insufficient staff and time allocated to convening and managing IT review
◆ IT review submission requests from a neutral external company rather than contacting the customer directly (the posting rate will increase)
◆ Build a custom landing page on ITreview (the posting rate will increase)
◆ Want to design effective operations such as secondary use for ITreview sales materials and product pages

Create Reviewer candidate list

Supports creation of customer reviewer candidate lists.Reviewers need a wide range of customers to become reviewers.We will advise you about postings by experienced users who are using their products well and users who are starting to use them.

Create custome pages

Prepare a custom landing page dedicated to the link to be displayed in the email letter on the review site. It has been known that a much higher response rate can be obtained than making a transition to the company website.

Post request email delivery

We will send a post request to reviewers via email.Also advise you on dedicated systems and know-how for mail delivery and support you to increase the response rate.

Send a reminder email

We will follow up customers who have not answered. Even if there is no response for the first time, a response may be received for the second time. We provide know-how and advice for this.

Follow-up of posters

Follow up with customers who post. The sincere attitude of the company, such as thanks and rewards, will lead to further user acquisition.

IAI can support these review businesses. Please feel free to contact us for review operation.