QA / Testing Services

Responding to requests from functional debugging to localization QA

Functional debugging to make the game a success

Whether on console, online, handheld or mobile, customers need a fully functional game.
We will present the optimal testing plan that meets your requirements.
As an independent testing institution, we will assist you in ensuring that the game works as designed to ensure that you provide objective and detailed feedback.

Project planning and evaluation

We start by understanding everything you need and what is most important.

Next, evaluate the reference build and the original design document.
It combines script testing and radar testing to provide a test plan and approach specifically tailored to meet the needs of each title.

● Reference build
● Design document evaluation
● Script test
● Radar test

Personalized test plan

● User settings
● Statistics
● Score
● Collision detection
● Graphic components

Get a detailed test of every aspect of the title. This means that titles work as intended, from playthroughs and in-game sequences to more technical elements such as user settings, statistics, scores, collision detection, and a full range of graphic components.
It also provides a personalized test plan so you can track the test cycle and reproduce detailed metrics halfway.

# To solve the radar issue, a professional QA team performs a radar test, finds an unexpected problem and fixes it before it goes on the market.

Covers over 40 languages

The game is an international language. By making sure it hits in the new market, you can attract more viewers and users and gain more franchise and brand awareness. Localization QA and translation are essential for this success.

Quick response in any market in the world

With our long-standing global QA, we are ready for any market in the world.
Make your content readily available, including in-game text and voice localization tests, terminology and error message passing on specific platforms, packed manuals, marketing materials, website proofing, and delivery in finished package

● In-game text
● Voice localization test
● Passing terms and error messages on specific platforms
● Pack manual
● Marketing materials
● Website calibration
● Completion of package

Have extensive project experience

Exhibited at Game Quality Forum Global 2019

IAI & Testronic Team has the experience and resources to handle projects of all sizes.
From the huge amount of content sources, such as MMO, casual game of rapid expansion, there is a number of project experience.
Also in the number of languages it is available in more than 50 countries of the translation.
Only respond to conventional FIGS and BRICS countries as is unfair. As for the contents of the translation, can be more fine-grained language correspondence, the translation can also be suitable for the area be, for example, the same language.Please feel free to contact us.