Succeeding in the App Economy with Priori Data

Our Enterprise solutions reflect the true nature of the app economy: it is global and ever-changing. We want to ensure that your organization is first in line to access, analyze and take action on information pertaining to developments in the app stores

Data on 4 million Apps &
1 million Publishers
across every category and 57 Countries,
at your disposal.

App Intelligence:

  • Daily Downloads & Total Install Base
  • Daily Revenues & Total Revenues
  • Rankings

Publisher Intelligence:

  • Portfolio Overview
  • Business Model Breakdown
  • Location of Developer

Market Intelligence:

  • Top Charts for any Country & Category
  • New Entrants
  • Market Sizing
  • Identify Top Local Developers


Our Data Equation

Global, real-time performance estimates for 4mm apps

The relationship between downloads / revenues and top chart ranks follows a curve. By partnering with app developers, we’re figuring out what this curve looks like in every single category/country combination.


  1. Plot store ranks against actual performance (download / revenue) data
  2. Create estimate model that describes the relationship between rank and performance
  3. Use model to predict downloads / revenues at each rank position

App Intelligence

Top app rankings across both stores. Updated daily.

Check the recent popularity of any app at one glance

Get a quick overview of any app’s performance in the stores during the last calendar month in terms of downloads, revenue and growth broken down by top countries.

See how your target app is moving through the store ranks

Get an overview of where it’s been ranking well in terms of geographies as well as categories over time for top free, paid and grossing charts. Compare its ranking performance in up to 10 countries.

And see how that’s translated to downloads and dollars

Understand the evolution of an app’s ability to generate downloads and monetize users over time by plotting downloads against revenues in the countries relevant to your analysis.

Discover its popularity by country

Download and revenue estimates broken down by country for different time periods. Discover where it’s been performing well historically, where it is emerging and growing traction, and where it’s losing popularity.

And get all the info you need

Screenshots, description, global ratings all time, updates and release notes available to stay up to date as to the app’s latest changes.

Competitive Intelligence

Benchmarking made easy

Build your own curated lists of apps to track and compare over time

Create personalized lists of apps to follow over time

Build your own lists of apps you’d like to track over time, such as competitor sets or niche markets that might be interesting to enter in the future. Get weekly updates, so you’re always up to date.

Find new apps to follow

Get personalized recommendations of apps to track based on the apps already added to your watchlist. And keep as broad a view of your target market as possible.

Compare their performance in one unified view

Check how the apps you care about have been performing comparatively in terms of downloads and revenue across different geographies and time periods.

Publisher Intelligence

Publisher and portfolio data

Publisher portfolios, leaderboards, search and origin country

Access any publisher’s portfolio

Check the performance of the apps in a publisher’s portfolio at an individual and aggregated level. All collected publisher related info can be found here, including country of origin for more than 250,000 publishers.

View publisher leaderboards for your market

View all publishers who published an app in your specific market and see how they’re performing. Find the subset of publishers that’s of interest to you by applying multiple filters. Available with the publisher targeting add-on.

And find out where individual publishers are based

Search for publishers by country of origin. This feature is available with the publisher targeting add-on.

Market Intelligence

More than just category/country leaderboards

An interactive query-builder built on the data of 3.8m apps. Dig in!

Take a look at app leaderboards

Inform your launch strategy by understanding the value of certain ranks in different categories and countries over time.

Apply filters from there to size your niche markets

Not all apps in a specific category are direct competitors. That’s why you can now drill down your search by applying keywords and find only the apps you care about to make your analysis highly relevant.

Find newcomers in your target market

Apply the ‘release date’ filter and discover who’s new in the space of your interest and their performance since their launch, to understand who’s moving in the market and if there’s an opportunity there.

And look closer at their associated publishers

Of course, sometimes you’re not just looking at an individual app – you might want to see how publisher portfolios stack up in different categories and countries.

About Priori Data

Priori Data is the leading app store intelligence tool for mobile startups. Companies of any size can use Priori’s simple, affordable, and accurate platform to track the performance of their mobile competitors and explore market opportunities across the globe. Using its proprietary database and algorithms, Priori provides daily app download and revenue apps for more than 3 million apps across nearly 60 countries with 2 years of historical data. Thousands of the world’s leading global startups use Priori Data, including Buzzfeed, Clue, Hutch Games, Soundcloud, Runtastic, and Wargaming. Priori was founded in 2013 in the bustling mobile startup hub of Berlin.

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