“Person-centric” Web Analysis Tool KISSmetrics

Google Analytics tells you what’s happening. KISSmetrics shows you who’s doing it.



What is the KISSmetrics? A customer acquisition and retention web analysis tool.

Use KISSmetrics to verify the effectiveness after marketing practice

Since web analytics tools can not track customers, you do not know which marketing actions encouraged customers to purchase. It is in a state where all the data are merged into one. On the other hand, for customer analytics, you can see appealing points to customers. You can create total revenue and customer‘s lifetime value using data such as marketing campaign, customer type, product type etc. Although it was usually difficult to track, ROI of social media is also possible now.

Track all processes until registering as a new member

Users visit the site more than once from multiple devoces and purchase after repeated preview over several weeks or months. Meanwhile, the individual data indicating the process to become a new member has been lost.

But with KISSmetrics, you can tie back past customer data (multiple devices, browsers are possible), so you can see which visitors have reached the purchase stage.

Know your customers perfectly

KISSmetrics can track users with anonymous IDs before their registration. Then, by linking customer data and profiles, you can get the customer‘s perfect signal sequence. It is also possible to know what the user did on which day and what order. Since any data can be imported into KISSmetrics, you can see the customer’s overall behaviors.

Key Features of KISSmetrics, a customer acquisition and retention web analytics tool


Available APIs and libraries for any data platform
As the KISSmetrics is “Person-centric”, you can understand your visitors in detail. It clarifies who is doing what, such as in e-commerce and application, as well as websites analysis.


Grasp the flow of monetization in one place.

Analyze customer lifetime value and cancellation in any business model such as subscription, advertisement and transaction, etc.


Improve customer retention with different group analysis.

By different group analysis, KISSmetrics will clarify how visitors are using your site and who is contributing to your business, etc.


Track individual business-related interactions

Even without looking at summary data, KISSmetrics track each interaction. There is no need to worry about the platform whether it is on PC, mobile or social, etc


Grasp the obstructive factor of conversion.

You can build countless funnels of various patterns of visitors and find the visitors who achieved each step from the targeted segments.


Track cycles from fast access to conversions

Display data dropped to all individuals. You can easily obtain who is the most valuable user and how to get more, etc.

A/B Testing

Provided A / B test which you have never experienced.

All analyzes, tests and improvements are done on an ongoing basis. You can understand that the data of all the important users is greatly influenced by the AB test.

What is the difference between KISSmetrics and other analysis tools?

KISSmetrics can easily and powerfully support your understanding of your visitors if you already have users, customers, or both on websites and apps.

By simplifying the flow of online business, you can identify visitors, understand them, and improve the problems

Who is your visitors?

Since KISSmetrics is designed centering on people, you can understand who is coming from where and how they are doing at a glance.

On all platforms

KISSmetrics does not select platforms. In person-centric metrics, it is the most important to understand who is doing it and what matters.

Practical analysis and insight

You can look at all the KPIs, such as key indicators and sales data, in one place at once. With the KISSmetrics, you can get information on customers and actions to take.

Summary of “Person-centric” KISSmetrics

Before and after becoming a customer, you can analyze all their transactions , such as what they did, where they were from, and what they will do from now? These understandings are the new standard of future metrics.

Know each customer

It is possible to deepen your understanding what your customer are seeking for by knowing what kind of activities the customer had done before the customer become a customer and what kind of action the customer did afterwards.

Campaign effect Measurement

By understanding the behavior patterns of visitors, you can evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and further segment analysis of customers

Sales contribution

You can understand how your customers work on your business and related to your sales

No pre-setting

No need to predefine the report. You can create a report on the spot based on the behavior of the users you track.

KISSmetrics Solutions

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It is compatible with all of free, paid and additional billing systems, etc. It will increase customer satisfaction and increase lifetime value.


You can analyze customer‘s lifetime value, demographics, location of accessing and motivation for repeat purchase, etc.

Mobile Apps

You can understand how the customer uses the application, what motivates the repeat purchase, etc., with revenue.

Social Games

You can understand the measures to increase game participants and how to strengthen interaction of individual participants.


Not only page browsing but also you can increase the number of subscriptions and users who use the site by knowing the content of the user’s site usage.

Voice of KISSmetrics users

KISSmetrics has already been used by more than 10,000 users. Here are voices of some users.