Global Data Solutions

We offer you the most concretely strategic business supports.

We offer you the most concretely strategic business supports, like business plans, research, and data solutions.
Also we can provide the trustworthy and updated digital data by alliance of the internationally claimed data companie, comScore. comScore is the global leader of the digital marketing and data analysis field which is indispensable to international business developments, marketing research, strategic plans and competitor analysis.

Solution businesses based on global data

We are making your data more valuable and trustworthy, by our superior analysis and business insights.

Global and available data

Interarrows assists you with the data services, achieving your business better and more effective.

世Data of the global PC accesses and Internet ratings
Mobile /tablet devices data
In the 44 counties

  • Basic measured value UV, PV
  • Media trends
  • Demographics
  • Audience duplication
  • Cross-visits
  • Source/Loss

PC accesses data

  • Mobile handsets
  • Mobile phone carrier customer satisfaction ratings
  • Mobile site brands
  • Usage frequency
  • User demographics
  • OS/ browsers

Quantitative research data
of the feature phone and
smartphone market