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Who We Are?

At Comscore, we believe in bringing trust and transparency to media and marketing, so businesses can use data to drive growth. 
Comscore is a trusted partner for planning, transacting and evaluating media across platforms. With transformative data science and vast audience insights across digital, linear TV, over-the-top (OTT) and theatrical viewership, we are a powerful third-party source for reliable measurement of cross-platform audiences.

Media disruption has upended the way marketers and media companies connect with audiences to drive growth. To make decisions with confidence, the world’s leading businesses need an independent partner for understanding consumer behavior across platforms.
As a pioneering audience measurement company, Comscore was founded with a mission to solve the most complex challenges in the media ecosystem. Today, that challenge is accurately measuring audiences in an increasingly cross-platform world.


In a rapidly converging media landscape, you need precise and reliable TV and digital ratings to understand the true value of audiences wherever they consume media.Comscore offers a 360-degree view of consumption based on massive, passively-collected datasets – and decades of experience as an industry leader in both TV and digital – to deliver deep insights into size, demographic composition, engagement, and behavioral trends across platforms.

As cross-platform advertising becomes increasingly important, you need to spend smarter to drive greater ROI with your media investment.Comscore’s comprehensive planning tools allow you to optimize your media spend using trusted media ratings to simulate real campaign strategies and determine the right media mix within and across TV and digital.

Looking for something else? We have a dedicated team tasked with developing custom solutions to meet your unique measurement objectives. 

Our solutions engineers are experts in navigating Comscore’s vast, cross-platform data sources and connecting the dots to maximize your marketing performance.

Reaching the right audience is key to any successful campaign. Evolve the way you evaluate advertising with in-flight delivery insights to set you up for success, regardless of platform.With Comscore, you can leverage industry-leading audience measurement to ensure your campaign hits its target, optimize for reach and frequency and get an unduplicated view of cross-platform performance. 

Achieving programmatic advertising success requires high-quality, scalable segments that are backed by rigorous data science.

Tap into Comscore’s expansive cross-platform data assets and unmatched expertise in unifying billions of datapoints to drive greater marketing impact and overall campaign effectiveness

Day-to-day theatrical processes can be manual and labor-intensive, but small changes – like automated invoicing and electronic payment – can reduce manpower needs and make your day-to-day processes easier and more successful.

Comscore tools and services are designed to limit resources and improve effectiveness across invoicing, booking, marketing and more, helping you run your theatrical business more efficiently. 

Across the worldwide film landscape, up-to-date intelligence is critical to making strategic box office decisions. Comscore’s proprietary systems deliver trusted box office results–including weekend estimates and attendance numbers. Leading global film exhibitors and distributors -- including every major studio, mini-major and prominent independent film distributor in the industry -- rely on these insights to measure and grow movie viewership around the world.

Today’s consumers are increasingly exposed to more advertising touchpoints, making holistic performance evaluation and impact analysis challenging.  With Comscore’s comprehensive campaign effectiveness measurement, you can understand the full impact of your campaign and improve ROI by investing in what works – and evolving what doesn’t.

It takes both historical and real-time data to understand the market and consumer forces that can impact a film’s success at the box office.  With Comscore, you can plan releases with confidence to maximize theater attendance and revenue. Long-lead measurement tools allow promotional teams to develop strategic marketing plans and course-correct during the most critical windows. Audience exit-polling insights help you understand moviegoers’ motivations and behaviors throughout a film’s run.

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comScore's network covers the world. It is the only vendor that understands the global digital market trends.

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comScore is the only Internet usage trend that can be provided in 44 countries in 5 regions around the world, using the same global survey method.

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The world’s leading media companies, agencies and brands use Comscore to make business and marketing decisions with confidence. 


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