Our Executive Team

Yoji Otokozawa

Business Background

Yoji Otokozawa was responsible for the brand management of the Salem and Camel brand families at R.J. Reynolds. Following this, he joined the Dow subsidiary “Dow Brands”, a consumer goods company providing a variety of products for use in the home, such as “Ziploc”. He was responsible for business management, the direction of planning processes and the development of new global consumer products.

After acquiring skills and experience in Fast Moving Consumer Goods marketing, he entered the field of high-tech business. He supported MacAfee’s start-up as marketing director, then helped to establish NetRatings, a market research firm providing data on Internet trends and usage statistics.

In 2006 he established Interarrows Inc. to offer business consulting services to both overseas and domestic companies on a wide range of Internet services for PC, mobile and videogame devices.
He holds an MBA in International Marketing from Leicester University (U.K.).


At Interarrows, we aim to introduce new technologies and establish new businesses in Japan by utilising our knowledge and expertise in support of our customers. Our expansive network of overseas contacts enables us to offer a range of professional services to our clients, in order to empower them in the next generation of business both at home and abroad.

Vice President
Haru Takahashi

Business Background

After working at Tokyu Agency, Haruhiko Takahashi joined Dow Chemical as a Brand Manager. Following this, he worked as Marketing Director at Jupiter Programming and Livedoor (free ISP). Prior to joining Interarrows he was Marketing & Sales Director at Eidos, the largest videogames company in the U.K. At Interarrows, he is responsible for the management of gaming and other digital entertainment content worldwide. He also supports the activities of the British Embassy Tokyo and One NorthEast (a regional government agency in North East England).


Now is a time of transition in gaming and other digital entertainment, with many opportunities and many risks. In this climate, we offer our clients the most effective solutions in order to establish new businesses, not only in Japan but also in the worldwide market.

Vice President
Ryotaro Hashimoto

Business Background

Upon graduation from university, Ryotaro Hashimoto worked at SECOM, where he was responsible for the development of IT solutions. Prior to joining Interarrows, he worked for a number of other IT companies, specialising in content and systems development. He has a broad range of knowledge across PC, mobile and IT technologies and vast experience of Internet marketing, including web usability optimisation and web advertising & promotion. In 2007, he directly managed the upgrade and systems re-development of HMV Japan’s mobile website.


Using our knowledge and experience, we strive to conceive and implement the most innovative technological solutions and marketing for our customers, designing these specifically to fit their particular needs.

Dan Yano

A message from our chairman, Dan Yano.

Our Information Society and Existence

The 20th century was a time of growth, power and expansion, but the 21st century is a time of soul, feeling and existence. It is a time when questions are being asked of countries, of companies and of individuals.

In the 63 years which have passed since the end of World War II in 1945, the previous, vertically-structured social hierarchy has been transformed into a horizontal society centred around individual needs. In such a society, one cannot exist without strong values.

What is needed as we move forward is a Human Renaissance. The phenomenon of people returning to being “human” has already begun. The human mind has evolved, seeking family, nature, travel, mountains, oceans, music, literature, sport, art, religion, philosophy and the universe.

Centralisation, Specialisation, Network and Speed are key words in creating a sense of existence. The power to transmit information is existence. Words are life; words are weapons; and words are our future.