Example Cases

Access Analysis (log analysis) Service

  • Soft drink company’s access analysis by product
  • Office equipment company’s server log analysis
  • Photo film company’s access analysis
  • Car leasing company’s access analysis
  • Housing company’s access analysis
  • Study centre’s access analysis
  • Digital Radio (3segment) access analysis

SEO Service

  • Life insurance company
  • Dental clinic
  • Music store’s EC site
  • Music store’s EC mobile site
  • Gathering company’s mobile site

Usability Diagnostics Service

  • US soft drink maker’s site
  • US life insurance company’s corporate & EC sites
  • UK music store’s mobile EC site
  • Office equipment company’s EC site
  • Game publisher’s EC site
  • Distribution service’s mobile site
  • Real estate service’s site
  • Apartment developer’s site
  • Recruitment service’s site
  • School organisation’s site
  • Specialised school’s site

Website Development Service

  • US life insurance company’s website redesign
  • UK government agency’s website development
  • US industrial tool manufacturer’s website development
  • Game publisher’s EC site redesign
  • Printing company’s EC site development
  • Health Food Product’s EC site development

Business Consulting Service

  • Music store’s new business plan
  • Foreign Wi-Fi operator’s start-up plan
  • CDN operator’s business plan
  • US CRM service company’s web consulting

Overseas Market Entry Support Service

  • Management of British Embassy Tokyo’s business seminar and meetings
  • Management of OneNorth East’s business meetings and in-word/out-word missions

Game Development Consulting

  • Worldwide business support for a major Japanese game developer
  • Localisation and culturalisation support for a major Japanese game developer