Global Business Solutions

We support your advancements into the overseas markets.

Interarrows holds the strong and global network within Japan, Britain, the United States, and Asian countries, and supports Japanese enterprises of the ICT, digital contents and the mobility tablet application field to advance into the overseas. We offer you wide-raging and flexible services such as feasibility studies, business model plans of the overseas advancements and alliance strategies.

  • Planning global business strategies
  • Licensing technologies
  • Forming alliances
  • Supporting market entries

The first step of our support for your advancements begins from the feasibility study. Interarrows’ global alliances, comScore, Digital city TwentyThreeMilies and Focus Innovation all offer you the critical data for your market entries.

Feasibility Study

Overviews and prospects of your market share in the world
  • Making business models
  • Prospecting the market size and its trend
  • Forecasting the market size based on certain business models
Market player
  • Outlining business trends
  • Defining key players, partners and alliances in the market
  • Summarizing current business models, top players and companies emerging
Business market
  • Building market entry model and SWOT analysis
  • Planning strategic market entry
  • Building entry models of the ad analysis field
  • Planning to enter into the ad analysis field
Grasping potentials of your business expansions
  • Defining potentials of advancements into the overseas
  • Suggesting strategies to add your business values