About appsee

  • Established in 2012 in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • The world’s first mobile analytics platform, that enables companies to measure, understand and optimize the user experience, not only with touch heatmaps but also recoded videos.
  • 100M+ app installs, tracking billions of sessions
  • Hundreds of customers worldwide, growing fast.
    e.g. e-Commerce, Travel, Retail, News, Social, Forex, Sport and Gaming
  • Assigned “interarrows Inc. “ as an authorized reseller in Japan in 2014.

User Recordings

See everything your users do in your mobile app by watching video recordings of real users sessions. We capture every screen, tap, swipe and action by using an SDK integrated into your app.

Appsee records a sample of your users so you can see exactly how they experience your app. This is a great way to see which problems users encounter and what makes them complete (or not) the important processes within your app.

Appsee helps you find the most interesting recordings by applying smart filters. With Appsee’s user recordings you can understand:
What makes users abandon the registration screen?

How does a loyal user interact with your app?

Why do users quit your app?

The recording process is completely transparent to the end user, and has no noticeable effect on your app’s performance.

You can control the ratio of recorded users, and also choose to record specific users based on screens they visit, their demographics, OS version type and more

Touch Heatmaps

Appsee records all touch gestures (taps, swipes, pinches) in each of your app’s screens, and aggregates them into a visual “touch heatmap”. You can see where users are tapping, and find out which parts in your app screens users focus the most.

With Appsee’s touch heatmaps you can understand:

  • Which parts of every screen are more interesting?
  • Which call to action buttons are being ignored?
  • Which features are used and which can be removed?

Find the obstructions in your user interface by seeing what parts in the app aren’t getting taps, and what call to action buttons are being ignored.

Appsee tracks all the gestures within your app and will show you which gestures are performed in every screen. Appsee also detects which gestures did not trigger a response in the app, and will tell you, for example, that 30% of your users tried to tap on a UI element that looks like a button when it’s actually just an image or a label.

Realtime In-App Analytics

Using our advanced in-app analytics reports you will be able to get pinpoint insights regarding the behavior of your app’s users. Learn exactly what it is your users are doing within your app and determine how to best optimize their user experience.

Appsee automatically detects your app’s screens and records every gesture and action your users are making on each screen. With this, we are able to display all of the data in easy-to-understand visual reports.

Appsee’s realtime in-app analytics reports help you see and understand why specific actions are performed by your users.

Some of the insights Appsee can provide you with include the following:

  • Where users spend most of their time within the app?
  • Which screens have a high quit rate?
  • Which screens contain a problematic or confusing UI?
  • What are the user flows between screens?
  • What are the top actions users are making in the screen?

Appsee’s unique analytics allow for a deeper understanding of how your apps’ UI is performing, a key factor in a positive UX. With UI analysis reports, we can show you how your users engage with every popup, menu, and form available in your app. All the data in Appsee is provided in real time.

Automatic Events

Appsee automatically detects all screens, gestures and user actions in your app. When watching a user recording you will see exactly what each and every user is doing in your app.

Unlike other analytics platforms, in which you need to pre-define events and think which actions may interest you, with Appsee all actions are recorded for you, and everything is already measured for you – so you don’t have to decide which events you want to measure upfront.

Crash Videos & Symbolication

Appsee detects crashed sessions automatically, and provides video recordings of crashed sessions, as well as symbolicated crash reports.

No more guesswork or asking your users which actions they performed – and no more looking at crash logs and trying to figure-out what happened.

You can see the exact sequence of actions that resulted in a crash with your own eyes.

Conversion Funnels

Appsee enables you to configure conversion funnels for relevant processes within your app, measure the conversion rates, and understand the reasons for the success or failure of each process. In addition, you will be able to see the average completion time for each step.

You’ll be able to watch video recordings of users that completed, or that did not complete a certain process.

With Appsee’s conversion funnels you’ll be able to understand:

  • Why users don’t complete a registration form?
  • Why users quit the app before completing a purchase?
  • Why users never complete level 12?

Since Appsee automatically records all of the events within your app, you can create ad-hoc funnels even after releasing the app without having to re-submit it!

Retention Analytics

Appsee’s user retention feature enables you to understand how often your users return to use your app in a given time frame. The information is presented through cohort analysis, which aggregates groups of users who started using the app in the defined time frame.

Appsee also collects and shows data about the frequency of usage in different time scales.

With Appsee’s retention analytics reports you can understand:

  • What’s the tendency of users to return to the app?
  • How many users never return?
  • How many users return to the app after a day? week? month?
  • What’s the average time between sessions?
  • What’s the average number of sessions a day? week? month?

Remote Configuration

Appsee tracks all user sessions, and you can control exactly which sessions will be video-recorded using our advanced configurations.

With Appsee’s configuration you’ll be able to:

  • Control the ratio of sessions being recorded
  • Control the upload policy of video recordings (Wifi/3G)
  • Choose to record sessions in which a specific screen was visited
  • Choose to record sessions that contained a certain event
  • Choose to record users according to their usage history (only first time users for example)
  • Choose to record users from a specific country
  • Choose to record specific devices or OS versions

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